Kitchenware for your buffet

From breakfast to dinner, from sweet buffets to savoury spreads, the EVENTO collection works for all your reception needs. A unified, harmonious, practical and modular design. With a host of combinations and a range of materials to choose from (steel, porcelain, glass, stoneware, melamine, stone and wood), you can find what works for your style and the size of your space.

The EVENTO collection adds a chic touch to your buffet presentations to reflect the time of day or the season.




Breakfast is a time for sharing, and each dish must be kept warm or cool and elegantly presented.

EVENTO has everything you need to elevate your savoury and sweet creations and keep your guests coming back for more.

Cereal dispensers, juice pitchers and chafing dishes are breakfast must-haves.




For lunch spreads, EVENTO creates a warm yet professional ambiance.

To ensure that every dish is perfect, the GN 1/1 and 1/2 refrigerated modules keep foods cold while the chafing dishes keep hot foods warm.

A variety of stands create a user-friendly layout to make service even easier.



Gourmet Break

EVENTO offers a range of products that foster a relaxing atmosphere so guests can fully enjoy their sweet treats: cold modules to keep juices cold, plus baskets and cake stands to present the desserts on offer.

For serving hot drinks, our SALAM teapot and NEWPORT coffeepot range fit perfectly with the buffet.



Cocktail Receptions

For small events or grand occasions, EVENTO brightens up your cocktail receptions with a touch of elegance.

Petit fours, canapés and verrines are arranged on the trays and cold modules from our collection.

Our range of NEWPORT plates hit just the right note for moments that blend solemnity and festivity.



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